Interfaith Latin Relationships

Interfaith Latin romantic relationships are a significant and increasing sensation. While the term ‘interfaith’ could connote religious/spiritual worldviews and traditions that are not Christian, these kinds of couples can easily still find approaches to be supportive of one another and the spiritual values through respectful, on-going dialogue.

This article draws on Latina feminist theology to elucidate broadly relevant conceptualizations of spirituality and identifies findings from a fresh questionnaire analyze among Latinas in Muelle Rico and the US landmass. Results support the saliency of Latino cultural attitudes such as personalismo and familismo in offering the circumstance for spiritual perspectives that may function independent of each other of Catholic Church framework. These kinds of values reaffirm that religious techniques are very important to many Latinas/os, that they connect with the almighty through their connections with friends and relations, nature, plus the community. The sense of God’s occurrence empowers these to overcome personal and familial challenges and gives these people strength to work for interpersonal change.

For interfaith couples who wish to contain children, it is recommended that the Catholic spouse generate a offer to raise all of them in the hope of their selecting (the non-Catholic partner must be ready to perform so). Praising each other’s values and practices is likewise crucial, particularly when dealing with expanded family members. They may not admit the interfaith marriage at first, but with time they will learn to value it. This will likely benefit both lovers in their relationship, and also the extended family group.

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